Eash Familie / Eash family      
    Front row
Katie (Alwine) Eash 1843-1921
Jacob C. 1828-1911

Middle row
Polly 1894  
Marry 1880-1975  
Annie (Blough) Eash 1886-1960
Hittie 1885-1913
Samuel 1881
George 1883-1960
John K. 1860
Joseph 1857

Rear row
Tobias 1865
Jonathan 1878-1955
Harry 1884      
back   Jacob C. Eash’s Grand Father Christian Eash 1743 the immigrant moved to this place about 1810 from Berks Co Pennsylvania, this is the farm that Joseph Eash in 1846 to move to the state of Indiana with the Eash Conestoga Wagon.  
  Eash Conestoga Wagon      
    Eash farm near the town of Davidsville Somerset Co Pennsylvania USA it was built by Jacob Eash born in Germany 1769, it was past on to his son Christian Eash born 1794, he past it on to his son Jacob C. Eash b.1828, he past it on to his son Tobias Eash, he past it on to his son Otto Eash b.1911 it was then past on to a adopted dodder how lives there steel today. 

Pictures about 1980-85 the farm was in poor condition then the barn has been torn an down in the year 2000. 
  Eash family Farm 1810 to 1996      
  Eash family Farm 2008   David D. Eash 2008  
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