Your help

I'm interested in:
The articles
has to be connected with the name Oesch.

Name and date of birth Please indicate everybody born Oesch with parents, grandparents etc.. I will incorporate all this people in the family tree.
Weddingdate Including partners first name and maiden name.
Day of death Please note all people who have died with first name, last name and date of death.
Profession Trained profession and actual profession.
Newspaper articles Pleas send my a copy of all articles related to Oesch family.
Photos Old Photos
Emigration Date of emigration, motive, story behind it.
Family history Your private story.
Origin of Oesch I have  collected about 10 stories during the past years, which I will include in my book.
Meaning of coats of arms The meaning of the coat of arms is complicated. Does anybody have an idea what the different symbols mean?
Coat of arms How does your coat of amrs look like. At the moment I have 10 different versions in my collection.
Oesch with
hometown Balgach
Please call