Matthias Oesch





4. Dezember 1968

Oberlangenegg BE

Architectural draftsman, bricklayer, project manager, commercial school,
prison warden school, communal specialist, clerk SBV, building administrator

Building authority

As you see, my homepage is mainly

about "on the tracks of the

Oesch families" from Oberlangegg BE.


My research has resulted

in a lot of interesting

contacts to Finland, the USA,

Columbia, Germany and 

   of course Switzerland.


After many years of research in books

  and registers, such contacts are an

  important and pleasant experience.

   The Oesch’s from the whole world are

  very helpful and friendly.


    It is clear, that most of my namesakes

      gave all of their private data to a stranger.

       Many thanks to all of you for your trust and


                 Best regards, Matthew